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2020 HiltonGardenInn PhiladelphiaIt's coming - The 26th Annual North American Sundial Conference. This year from Thursday Aug 6 unti9l Sunday Aug 9th we'll be in Philadelphia within walking distance of Indepencence Hall, The Liberty Bell, The Benjamin Franklin Museum and much more. Make your reservation at the Hilton Garden Inn, Philadelphia Center, 1100 Arch St. Details are in the attached flier.

Each year North American dialists gather to share presentations and displays of sundial projects. Why come? What people have said: "First, and foremost, I have fun! To talk about and cover my ideas on this strange area of imagination with like-minded folks is very rewarding and what a congress of interesting and kind minds! Second, there are real dials to see, admire, and analyze [during our Friday field trip] - all incised in a convenient and comparable way. And these are not the sites usually touted by the locals as meaningful. Finally, there is a local stamp of author on things that are not totally abstract. Where else can one see mathematical ideas?"

Combine your interest in sundials with an immersion in American history and join us to meet old friends, make new acquaintences, and gain gnomonic insights. Another attendee said "The presentations are a chance to brush up on my fading math abilities, inspire the possibilities of new dial creations, and learn odd quirks of history. I always leave the conference eager to start my next dialing project. The bus tour of local dials provides both beautiful dials, many in garden settings, and discusses the foibles of implementing a dial design to remain an accurate timekeeper."

Until May 1st the registration fee for full participation is 325 USD. After May 1st it will cost 350 USD. Sign up now.

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Territorial Sundial at Washington State Capitol Campus before Resotration

John W. Elliot, a Seattle master craftsman designed and executed the Territorial Sundial, a 6-foot dial hand-hammered in brass with a bronze rod gnomon in 1959. (NASS SUndial Registtry #319). But the dial had tarnished with age and weather and the gnomon bent and broken.

As of January 4, 2018, the Territorial Sundial returns to the Washington State Capitol Campus.  For the last six months the 59 year old dial went through considerable rennovation.  A new gnomon has been crafted as a replica of the original, but with improved attachments.  According to "From Our Corner", the Washinfgton Secretary of State Blog, "Repairs have also been made to the face of the sundial, as well as work on the sundial’s base and anchoring system to ensure its face is flat and horizontal...The sundial will now be sturdier than ever with improved durability while maintaining its original historic appearance. [The] Department of Enterprise Services consulted with the Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation and the State Arts Commission in deciding to replicate the artwork."

Within the 6-foot dial face "There are eight panels that depict important milestones in our territorial history. The quote by Marcus Aurelius on its display reads, “Time is a sort of river of passing events, and strong is its current.”  This beautiful dial, now restored as an accurate device more measuring solar time, will be dedicated at noon on Tuesday, January 30th, 2018.

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Territorial Sundial Installation Jan 2018

Territorial Sundial Installation - January 2018

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