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Selected Sundials of British Columbia

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Victoria British Columbia Canada Horizontal Dial 756
A 12 inch diameter cast bronze horizontal dial with hour lines, quarter-hour marks and Roman hour numerals. Dial face includes a central compass rose with cardinal directions; large characters inscribe RVYC and 1992. Dial sits atop a tapered mortared stone pedestal The pedestal carries two plaques displaying: A GIFT FROM THE MEMBERS OF 1992 TO THE MEMBERS OF 2092 and In Honour and Appreciation of the Visit of the Royal Patron of the Royal Victoria Yacht Club His Royal Highness The Duke of York KCVO ADC June 16, 2003
White Rock British Columbia Canada Horizontal Dial 759
A 9 x 12 inch stainless steel horizontal dial with 4 AM to 8 PM hour lines and Roman hour numerals for 6 AM and 6 PM. Dial is set on a 24 inch square capital atop a 30 inch high pedestal of concrete and local stones. This pedestal sits on a 50 inch square concrete base that was saved when the railway was moved in 1984
Wynndel British Columbia Canada Equatorial Dial 760
A ring equatorial dial built inside a cross-sectioned propane LPG tank. The equatorial surface has an inset plaque that shows EOT corrected time and includes declination lines for date shown by the shadow of the nodus on the polar gnomon wire. Dial sits on a granite block pedestal that shows cardinal directions.