Sundials - World's Oldest Clocks

North American Sundial Society

Sundial Artist David Harber
David Harber is an artist. His inspiration is the marking of time. He began making contemporary and traditional sundials in 1992 and has expanded in recent years to include contemporary garden sculpture and water features. He works with a small team of craftspeople and engineers in the countryside 40 miles west of London, England.
Wenger Globe Sundials
Daniel L. Wenger Designs creates beautiful laser etched glass globes, where the outline of the continents and larger islands of the world.are scribed, along with the analemma at hour lines of the day. The user places a pointer (or a finger) on the globe and moves it until the shadow of the tip of the pointer falls upon the pointer at the center of the globe. The pointer is at a spot directly below the sun, and time can be read from the longitude hour lines. Thomas Jefferson would have enjoyed this dial, akin to the one he designed two centuries earlier, but the modern one is of glass. These dials are custom made for the user’s location and oriented so that the user's location appears at the top. The latitude and longitude of the location where the dial will be used determines where on the globe the scribe lines are placed.
YU Sundials
YU Sundials is a website dedicated to sundials on the territory of the former Yugoslavia. But Dr. Milutin Tadić, the creator of the website, is both a Geology Professor and an elegant sundialist with many beautiful vertical dials designed for buildings around the world. "I design and make all types of sundials, and I will be glad to make on for you. Please contact me to discuss your unique sundial project."