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Sundial Outlets
Sundial retailers specializing in garden dials and armillary spheres.  These dials, while crafted artistically, are made for the public in quantity and are not uniquely designed for a specific latitude and longitude.  The offer fair accuracy as timepieces, and are primarily ornamental in nature.

Connoisseur Sundials

Connoisseur Sundials, located in the UK, is a family business set up in 1984, which has grown steadily over the years.   From making one design of equatorial sundial, Connoisseur Sundials now offers a wide range of horizontal, vertical, and wall dials; equatorial sundials, armillary spheres and polar sundials.  Visit their site to see examples of all their sundials.  Many of these sundials have been designed for London and the British Isles.  For locations outside this area, they are pleased to discuss designs for your specific geographic site.



Digital Sundial

Designed by Hans Scharstein, Werner Krotz-Vogel and Daniel Scharstein and built in Germany, the digital sundial is a unique, modern and precise sundial. The digital sundial is designed for indoor use and ships with both a window mount and a tabletop mount, which are preset to your geographic location.  The window version is about 6" high and 3" wide; the tabletop version is about 3" high.  Makes a unique gift.



Sundial Sales

Commercial site with a wide variety of brass dials.  Done for a general latitude, so these are more decorative than crafted timepieces.  As their advertisement says, "For a moderate price, brass gives [sundials] an heirloom quality that we can trust will last for centuries. Naturally non-rusting, brass requires no upkeep. Simply let it age gracefully in the garden where it will, overtime, develop a lovely patina finish."  Art, not time keepers.



Sundial Station

Commercial site with wide variety of dials from below $100 to over $400.  Done for a general latitude, so these are more decorative than crafted timepieces.  For shopping ease they enable you to view all of their sundials or you can choose to shop by material (aluminum, brass, bronze, iron).  A high class "garden sundial" outlet.



Sundials of Distinction

Garden sundials and armillary spheres as well as other garden ornaments.  The dials are well done, but are not crafted for specific latitude and longitude.


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