Sundials - World's Oldest Clocks

North American Sundial Society

Solstice at Cathedral di Bari

Time lapse solstice observation at Cathedral di Bari

Greenwich Globe

Watch the Time Zones of the World go by

Solar Orientation

Introduction to sun's daily motion, seasonal change, and sunrise & sunset points on the horizon

Build a Horizontal Sundial

Easy instructions to build a horizontal sundial.  From Hack A Week TV

Historic Ingleside Terrace Sundial

Housing Developer Creates Historic San Francisco Sundial

3D Print Your Own Digital Sundial

Julien Coyne Invents a 3D Print Digital Sundial Gnomon

Sunrise Project

Evan Finnian photographs sunrise every day from Sep-Dec 2015

Virtual Sundial at Museo Galileo

Virtual Sundail at Museo Galileo

1-Founding Fathers - George Washington

George Washington - Stars and Bars for DC and a dial for Mt. Vernon

2-Founding Fathers - Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin - Rising Sun and a Modest Proposal

3-Founding Fathers - Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson - Sundial Designer

Indiana University at Kokomo Sundial
Central Park Shadows

Manhattan Central Park Shadow Animations by Cube City

Washington Monument Sundial

Years before NASS suggested it, the Washington Monument as a Sundial was on the CBS News

Traces of the Sun

György Bajmócy makes a stunning view of the analemma like you've never seen before

How the Earth Moves
Earth at Night from the International Space Station

View of the Earth at night from the International Space Station

Making a Stained Glass Window Sundial

Making a Stained Glass WIndow Sundial for Camp Capers, Texas by John Carmichael

Interview With Sundialist John Carmichael

Texas Country Reporter (TCR) interviews world renown sundialist John Carmichael

Eclipse Sundial - 2017

Eclipse Sundial for those NOT in totality on Aug 21, 2017