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sundials of significance in North America

You may directly contact: NASS_Registrar Larry McDavid

Submission Form for Dials in North America

Thank you for contributing to The NASS Register. Your information will be sent to the NASS Registrar, Larry McDavid. The fields given in Red are required for all submissions. If this is a dial that is not currently in the Register, please fill out as many fields as you can. If this is an update to a dial already in the Register, please be sure to fill out the Dial Number field in addition to your new information.

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-Dial Number
Dial City * -City where dial is located
Dial State or Province * -State or Province where dial is located
Dial Country -Country where dial is located (North America)
Dial Latitude  North Example: 38 deg 15.2537' North
Dial Longitude   West Example: 77 deg 8.12345' West
Provide description of how to find the sundial
Dial Location
Dial Access Is the dial accessible by the general public? If private, provide access details in Remarks
Dial Owner Who owns this dial?
Dial Designer Who designed this dial?
Dial Builder Who built this dial?
Dial Date When was this dial constructed?
Dial Type What kind of a dial is this?
Dial Condition What is the condition of this dial?
Dial Dimensions Dial size (indicate inches, feet or cm, meters)
Describe the dial, its size, what it's made of, special features.
What is the shadow casting gnomon like?
On the dial face, are there numbers?
Dial Description
Does the dial have a motto? A plaque? A dedication?
Dial Inscription
Dial Webpage Is there a web page devoted exclusively to this dial?
Dial Photo-1

Do you have high-resolution sundial photos? Enter up to three 4MB photos or two 6MB photos. Total 12MB or less. If you exceed the limit, no error message is given, but your submission will fail.

By submitting photos to NASS, to the best of your understanding, they are not copyrighted. While you maintain ownership of the photos, NASS assumes copyright for publishing them on the NASS website, in the sundial registry, or in the NASS journal The Compendium . The photos may be used by educational organizations. The NASS Registrar may contact you for additional photos.

Dial Photo-2
Dial Photo-3
Is there anything else about this dial or its location?
General Remarks
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When finished, click on the submit button. If the submission is successful, you will see a Thank You Screen. If you do not see the Thank You, your form was not accepted. If the form is accepted, you will also receive an email confirmation showing the content of your submission. Thank You
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