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Pyramid of El Pueblito, Corregidora,Mexico
photo by Ruben Nohuitol

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Annual membership in the North American Sundial Society includes four issues of The Compendium, available in print, CD-R discs, or down-loadable digital editions. Since June 2010, the print edition comes in full color, while the CD-R and digital editions not only come in digital color, but from time to time offer software features and other bonus material not available in print. The Digital Compendium is available in PDF format by Internet download or on a CD-R disc sent via postal mail.  PDF documents can be read using Adobe Reader® or other PDF applications such as PDF Complete.  NASS membership and subscription can be made for one or two years, with North American and rest of world rates.

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MEMBERSHIP Plus COMPENDIUM                                                                           NASS Rates Effective December 1, 2016
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MEMBERSHIP Plus COMPENDIUM                                                                           NASS Rates Effective December 1, 2016
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Compendium Options


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The North American Sundial Society

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Digital Publications on CD
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ShadowCatchers USD GBP Cost
I Foster - The Art of Dialling (1638/1675) $10 £6    
II Foster - Posthuma Fosteri (1652) $10 £6    
III Emerson - Dialling (1770) $12 £7    
IV Clerke - The Spot-Dial (1687) $7 £4.50    
V Strode - A New And Easie Method To The Art Of Dyalling (1688) $10 £6    
VI Sturmy - The Art Of Dialling By The Gnomical Scale (1679) $8 £5    
VII Foster - Elliptical, Or Azimuthal Horologiography (1654) $15 £9    
VIII Jacques Ozanam - A Treatise of Gnomonicks (1712) $15 £9    
All 8 ShadowCatcher volumes $60 £35    
ShadowCatchers are also available in softbound (perfect binding) printed volumes  Online Store
NASS Repository (Includes all back issues of The Compendium) $30 £18    
NASS Repository Update (Original CD must be returned) $15 £9    
Gunella – Analemmas $15 £9    
Dialing Patents $10 £6    
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