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Digital Publications on CD
Title Pricing  
ShadowCatchers USD GBP Cost
I Foster - The Art of Dialling (1638/1675) $10 £6    
II Foster - Posthuma Fosteri (1652) $10 £6    
III Emerson - Dialling (1770) $12 £7    
IV Clerke - The Spot-Dial (1687) $7 £4.50    
V Strode - A New And Easie Method To The Art Of Dyalling (1688) $10 £6    
VI Sturmy - The Art Of Dialling By The Gnomical Scale (1679) $8 £5    
VII Foster - Elliptical, Or Azimuthal Horologiography (1654) $15 £9    
VIII Jacques Ozanam - A Treatise of Gnomonicks (1712) $15 £9    
All 8 ShadowCatcher volumes $60 £35    
ShadowCatchers are also available in softbound (perfect binding) printed volumes  Online Store
NASS Repository (Includes all back issues of The Compendium) $30 £18    
NASS Repository Update (Original CD must be returned) $15 £9    
Gunella – Analemmas $15 £9    
Dialing Patents $10 £6    
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Payment may still be made by mail in either U.S. dollars or British pounds. U.S. dollar checks must be drawn on a U.S. bank - or a bank with a U.S. office and routing number - and should be payable to NASS. British pound cheques should be payable to NASS UK.  Include a listing of the items ordered.
Mail USD orders to
Fred Sawyer
27 Ninas Way - Hampton Run
Manchester CT 06040-6388 USA.

GBP orders to
Graham Aldred
4 Sheardhall Avenue, Disley,
Stockport SK12 2DE UK.