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North American Sundial Society

North American Sundial Society

NASS Logo Use

The logo for the North American Sundial Society (NASS) is a copyrighted identification for the Society and may be used by active NASS members to indicate their affiliation with the Society when promoting NASS goals. The primary goals of NASS are:

  1. To promote interest in and to educate about sundials, both past and present, in North America and elsewhere.
  2. To provide mechanisms for the exchange of information about sundials and sundial design (dialing) between Society members and with other sundial societies around the world.
  3. To encourage and assist in the design and construction of sundials, either for public display or personal use.

NASSlogo-800The official NASS logo is displayed at right. The Logo can be used on a member’s website, event signage, brochure material, presentation material, advertising, or other such promotional material to reference membership in NASS. Unless specifically so authorized, the Logo is NOT to be affixed to any specific product or used in association with any specific product in such a way that could cause an end customer to conclude the product is endorsed or approved by the Society.

The logo can be affixed to products that are promotional items or giveaways used to promote a NASS member’s business. The logo usage should consider the following constraints:

  1. The logo should always be displayed in a professional manner.
  2. The logo should always have a boundary box or clear space around it to separate it from surrounding elements. (do not crowd the display of the logo)
  3. No alterations of the logo (this includes but is not limited to stretching, tilting, slanting, etc.)
  4. The logo should use a single solid color on a solid color background.

This policy shall be reviewed annually.

Date Approved: 21 Oct 2013

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