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Volume 26, Number 3, September 2019

  • A "Radio Sundial" for the Jansky VLA in New Mexico        Sullivan, Goss, Raj
  • NASS Sundial Registry Map                                           Kellogg and Lelievre
  • An Unusual Ancient Sundial with Hollow Cylinder Faces    Ortwin Feustel
  • The Heliodon and Torquetum                                           Albinson and Berggren
  • KEPLERUHR Johannes Kepler Sundial in Grieskirchen     Kurt Niel
  • The Toves Nest
  • Digital Bonus
    • PDF with Technical Detail for the KEPLERUHR Sundial
    • Appendices for this issue's Jansky Very Large Array "Radio Sundial" article
    • Powerpoint slides from the 2018 NASS Conference
      • Ken Clark's lovely Time for Rita's sundial
      • Will Grant on the Millennial Solar Monument on the Tropic of Capricorn, Argentina
    • Powerpoint slides from the 2019 NASS Conference
      • Steve Lelievre's 3D printed "wide gnomon" Foster Lambert dial showing Civil Time
    • Spreadsheet for determining when the hands of a clock coincide

Volume 26, Number 2, June 2019

  • Sundials for Starters - Sunrise and Sunset                       Robert L. Kellogg
  • The Van Vleck Observatory Sundial - My Design Process  Robert Adzema
  • Tres Riches Heures                                                        Mark Montgomery
  • An Hours to Sunset Solar Declining Dial                          Steve Lelviere
  • The Roman Sundial know as the Ham of Portici                Gianni Ferrari
  • The Tower of the Winds, Part 2                                        Paolo Albèri Auber
  • The Tove's Nest
  • Digital Bonus
    • Two Microsoft Power Point Presentations from 2018 NASS Conference:
    • Astronomical Features - Ruben Hernandes Herrera - Corregidora, Mexico
    • Mirror-Box-Solar-Decliner Dials, also described in this issue.

Volume 26, Number 1, March 2019

  • Editor Note: Steve Lelviere takes over as editor            Steve Lelievre
  • Errata of Equations from Dec 2018 Compendium
  • Sundials for Starters - STEM Ourtreach of NASS          Robert L. Kellogg
  • Alois Messmer's Analemmatic Sundial                        Armin Denoth and Kurt Descovich
  • An Early Tool for Tracing Dials                                    Alessandro Gunella
  • The Tower of the Winds, Part 1                                   Paolo Albèri Auber
  • Finding a Wall's Declination Using UTM Coordinates    Orwin Feustela
  • A Breif Note About Geocentric Parallax                       Steve Lelievre
  • Digital Bonus
    • Mizwalah TaHa: A sundial for the Tabung Haji Hotel - Sepang Malaysia
    • Parallax And Altitude Dials.xlsx
    • Basic Astronomy for the Gnomonist, Part 2
      • Reprint of Kevin Karney's article from v.25 no.4 with corrections
      • Reprint of the Worked Example addendum with corrections
      • Excel spreadsheet of the Worked Example, revised and corrected
    • Letters to the Editor
      • Peter Tandy: A Viking Sunstone Sundial - A few Comments
      • Paolo Albèri Auber: The Tower of the Winds


Volume 25, Number 4, December 2018

  • Sundials for Starters - Architecture, Sundials & Light          Robert L. Kellogg
  • Basic Astronomy For The Gnomonist - Part 2                    Kevin Karey
  • The Bellingham Mural Sundial                                         Lelievre & Stephens
  • The New Vertical Sundial at Impression 5 Science Center  Thomas Goodman
  • A "Hat" Sundial Now Unfortunately Disapeared                 Gian Cassalegno
  • The Shepherd's Dial - A Review                                      Donald J R Petrie
  • A Viking Sunstone Sundial                                              Mark Montgomery
  • Sighting in Bellefontaine Cemetery, St. Louis MO               Don L. Snyder
  • The Tove's Nest
  • Digital Bonus
    • 2018 NASS Conference Retrospective.pdf
    • BT_Johansson_Sundials_preprint.pdf
    • Karney BasicAstronomyforthe Gnomononist3.pdf
    • KarneyWorkedExample.pdf
    • Montgomery2018VikingSunstoneSundial.pptx
    • Munichrestaurant.mp4
    • Og;lesby2010SimpleHeliodon.pdf
    • SawyerDialingPrize.pdf
  • To The Sun=Dial.  A Midnight Reverie                              Bernard Barton
  • An Editorial Note                                                           Fred Sawyer
  • Photos
  • Basic Astronomy For The Gnomonist - A Working Example Kevin Kary

Volume 25, Number 3, September 2018

  • Sundials for Starters - STEM and Sundials                         Robert L. Kellogg
  • Method of Describing Sundials by Isosceles Triangles          Frans van Schooten
  • A Mostly Visual Derivation of George Serle's Dialing Scales  Bill Gottesman
  • Sightings ... A Painted Wall Sundial In Perryville, MO          Don Snyder
  • Basic Astronomy For The Gnomonists - Part 1                   Kevin Karney
  • The Dent Dipleidoscope and The Iconantidiptic Meridian    Erwin Wechsler
  • An Original Monumental Sundial                                      Gianpiero Casalegno
  • Reflecting Sundials                                                        Denis Savoie
  • The Old Sundial (poem)                                                Francis M. Dean (1876)
  • The Tove's Nest
  • Digital Bonus
Dipleidoscope Resource Material
Murder by Gnomon - A Murder Mystery for the 2017 NASS Conference"
Video: Orologio della metropolitana di Monaco

Volume 25, Number 2, June 2018

  • Sundials for Starters - A Preveza Sundial Mystery Ars Nikolopoulus  Robert L. Kellogg
  • Edward S. Ritchie's Azimuth Circle                       Erwin Wechsler
  • Digital Bonus
Preveza Sundial-SD.mp4
US Patent 481625 E.S. Richie Azimuth Circle 1892
  • The Aquincum Fragment                                     Paolo Alberi-Auber
  • Using Equinox Lines to Design Sundials                 Arthur L. Kaufman
  • Dial Without a Stile                                             Maurice Kieffer
  • The Tove's Nest
  • Sundial at Sunset - New York World's Fair            back cover

Volume 25, Number 1, March 2018

  • Sundials for Starters - The Dial At Howard University  Robert L. Kellogg
  • A "Tool" To Make All Horizontal Dials for Any Latitude Alessandro Gunella
  • An Observation By Athanasius Kircher (1646)
  • From Sculpture to Sundial                                    Deran Wright
  • Star Trials as Conic Sections                                Ortwin Feustel
  • Digital Bonus
Sibenac Savoie Supporting Excel Spreadsheets
Correction Horaire Excel Spreadsheets
Lahaina Noon at Subaru Telescope's Base Facility.mp4
Sundial and Geometry - Intro for the Classroom Lawrence E. Jones (1980)
  • On a Sundial in Mottram Churchyard, Whitsuntide 1865 William Quarmby
  • A Diesel Engine Sundial                                       Herbert H.J. Riedel
  • Spreadsheets for Savoie                                      John Sibenac
  • A Large Equatorial Sundial Below the Equator        James Stegenga
  • A new Circular Double Helix Sundial                      Yves Zweifel
  • Chartres: Highlight of St-Jean The Window & Nail  Don J.R. Petrie
  • Sky Gate and Lahaina Noon                        
  • Sightings... In a St. Louis Seminary                       Don Snyder
  • The Tove's Nest
  • Benjamin Banneker Plaque [for Howard University Sundial]


Volume 24, Number 4, December 2017

  • Sundials for Starters - Life and Death of a Sundial   Robert L. Kellogg
  • 3D Printing a Schmoyer Dial Replica                       Robert L. Kellogg
  • A Horizontal Tide Dial                                            Steve Lelievre
  • Reflection of the Sun in a Mirror                             Gianni Ferrari
  • Sightings ... In St. Louis Missouri                            Don Snyder
  • g-math: An Excel Add-In for Gnomonics                  Steve Lelievre
  • The Declination of the Sun on a Day of N Hours        Alessandro Gunella
  • The Tove's Nest
  • Digital Bonus
Equant Dials Lelievre (DeltaCad basic procedures for gmath.xlam (file needed to install Steve Lelievre's Excel add-in) (four scad files to 3D print the Sunquest Dial)
SchmoyerDial&3DPrintin.mp4 (Bob Kellogg's video presentation)
2017 Schmoyer Dial & 3D Printing                                      Robert L. Kellogg
2017 Variants of Foster-Lambert & Sawyer quadrant dials
2017 Overview of Sundials in Sydney & New Zealand     Martins Gills
  • Schmoyer Sunquest [Gnomon] Schematic                Richard Schmoyer

Volume 24, Number 3, September 2017

  • Sundials for Starters - Other Shadows                     Robert L. Kellogg
  • An Eclipse Sundial for Perry County, Mo.                  Donald Snyder
  • The Hollow Hemispheric Sundial in the Vatican Museum Ortwin Feustel
  • Gnomonic Watch Faces                                          Gian Casalegno
  • The Sundial                                                          Caroline A.B. Mason (1891)
  • A Portable Sundial                                                 Arthur L. Kaufman
  • The First Meridian Line in the Basilica of S. Petronio Alessandro Gunella
  • The Tove's Nest
  • Digital Bonus
2017 What People Expect From Sundials                         Martins Gills
2017 Eclipse Sundial Project                                               Bill Gottesman
2017 Perry County Sundial                                                   Donald Snyder
2017 Unusual Sundials in Sonne & Alemma                   Helmut Sonderegger
2017 Sundials Through Time in Mexico                             Villegas & Montes
  • Usus Et Tractatio Gnomonis Magni                          Egnazio Danti (1576)


Volume 24, Number 2, June 2017

  • Sundials for Starters – How Accurate is a Sundial?   Robert L. Kellogg
  • Bifilar Sundials Within Everyone's Means                 Gian Casalegno
  • A Universal Equinoctial Sundial & Hindu Time Measurement Sue Manston
  • The Spherograph & Hyatt's Celestial Coordinator     Erwin Wechsler
  • A Foster-Lambert Sundial Showing Hours to Sunset Steve Lelievre
  • On a Sundial                                                        William Croswell Doane
  • How Uniform Standard Time Came About               Frank Leslie's Popular
  • Innards of the Pilkington Gibbs Heliochronometer     J. Mike Shaw
  • Notes On the Global Analemma                              Mark Montgomery
  • A Seattle Picnic Table Sundial                                Arthur L. Kaufman
  • Schoner's 1562 Method for Building a Horizontal Sundial Alessandro Gfunella
  • Digital Bonus
Time Error Spreadsheet
Manual Celestial Coordinator.pdf
Orolgi Solari
Bifilar Design Examples (Short Videos)
  • The Tove's Nest
  • Sun Cannon in Atividabert, Sweden                        Solkanonklubben

Volume 24, Number 1, March 2017

  • Sundials for Starters – Solar Eclipses In History    Robert L. Kellogg
  • Observing A Total Solar Eclipse                        Kretsch & Kellogg
  • The Underused Underslung Gnomon                 Don J.R. Petrie
  • The Discovery of the Wheel by Caspar Ens        Alessandro Gunella
  • Self-Supplying Fountain and Sun-Dial                The Mechanic and Chemist
  • A Mathematical Analysis of the Globe Sundial of Matelica Ortwin Feustel
  • Solargraphy                                                    Mark Montgomery
  • A Sundial with Walking Gnomon                        Helmut Sonderegger
  • An Inventory of Spanish SUndials                      Pedro Novella
  • Sun Dial, Brazen Devil, and Wooden & Iron Gnomons William Harvey
  • The Tove's Nest
  • Digital Bonus


Volume 23, Number 4, December 2016

  • Sundials for Starters - Sundials Gone Awry          Robert Kellogg
  • A Universal Sundial Ruler For Shadow-Following Clocks  Heinz Sigmund
  • To An Old Sundial                                             R.S.N (1914)
  • A Survey of Various Globe Sundials                     Mark Montgomery
  • Elliptical Sundials: General And Craticular            Fred Sawyer
  • Seeing Double By a Famous American Adventurer Martin Jenkins
  • Digital Bonus
2016 Catalan Sundials - Power Point Roger Bailey
2016 Spherical Sundials - Power Point Mark Montgomery
2016 Wooden Dials - Power Point O'Hearn
United States Patent Heliosphere US 8,528,218 B2 Popendorf
2011 Elliptical Dials - Power Point Fred Sawyer
2011 La Hire and Picard - Power Point Fred Sawyer
2016 Brazil's Newest Sundial - Power Point Jim Stegenga
Tesseract Flyer PDF
  • Bettini's Method For THe Horizontal Dial               Alessandro Gunella
  • The Tove's Nest

Volume 23, Number 3, September 2016

  • Sundials for Starters - Right Triangles and a Classic Equation - Robert Kellogg
  • Globe Sundial of Prosymna - The Enigma Solved   Ortwin Feustel
  • Linear Equant Sundial Design                               Fred Sawyer
  • A Graphical Dial Construction By Jean de Castillon  Fred Sawyer
  • Digital Bonus
2016 Retrospective                                                              Roger Bailey
2016 Sundials and Smartphones - Power Point            Roger Bailey
2016 TIme to Reflect - Power Point                                   Ken Clark
2016 Digital Gnomon Update - Power Point                   Robert Kellogg
2009 Equants Scales & Castillon - Power Point            Fred Sawyer
2016 Brasil's Newest Sundial - Power Point                  Jim Stegenga
  • Sundials And Smartphones                                  Roger Bailey
  • A Delight Still to Chastened And Wiser Men           Leighton Buzzard Observer
  • The Tove's Nest

Volume 23, Number 2, June 2016

  • Editor's Note
  • The Tove's Nest
  • Digital Bonus
BSS Duck Soup                                                                                     Martin Jenkins
  • The Properties of Shadows in Dialing                                Gianni Ferrari
  • The Shadow Sharpener                                                   Gianni Ferrari

Volume 23, Number 1, March 2016

  • Sundials for Starters - How Bright is the Sun at Rise & Set   Robert L. Kellpogg
  • Quiz Answer: Is This Dialing Scale Universal?                      Rolf Wieland
  • Helsinki Reflector Noon Marks                                            Martins GIlls
  • The Heliochronometer of Schwarzenau                              Kurt Descovich
  • Stefano DiGiovanni: Author Who Played With Italic Hours     Allesandro Gunella
  • Digital Bonus
Hill TOp Sundial Presentation                                                            Victoria Lister Carley
Ottoman Sundial - Konya Science Cneter                                        Roger Bailey
Missing Handen Sundial Presentation                                             Martins Gills
Vuotie Noon Reflectors Presentation                                                Martins Gills
Abstracts of Publications on Gnomonics                                         Rafael Soler Gaya
Digital Gnomon Video                                                                          Robert L. Kellogg
Sundial Alignment Program                                                                Bill Gottesman
  • Designing a Digital Sundial                                                Robert L. Kellogg
  • The Tove's Nest
  • A High Altitude Sundial!

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