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Sundial: 26
State/Province:  Ohio Country:  USA
Dial Type:  Armillary Sphere Condition:  Excellent
  Latitude and Longitude: 39° 7.962' N  84° 31.076' W
  • Located on the campus of the University of Cincinnati. The dial previously sat in front of Baldwin Hall, it has since been moved to the north end of Schneider Quad in a small plaza in front of a stone bench honoring Dean Herman Schneider. Schneider Quad was originally known as the Engineering Quad or Baldwin Quad.
  • This is an unusual armillary sphere without the standard gnomon rod, allowing the dial to be adjusted easily to tell civil time. As generally expected of an armillary or equatorial sundial, there is an equatorial time ring (16 inches in diameter) with engraved hourly time marks fastened to a meridian ring. But for this dial the equatorial and meridian ring assembly rotates on a polar axis. The dial functions as a Pilkington & Gibbs Heliochronometer: A small hole with lens where the equatorial and meridian rings meet allows a focused spot of sunlight to fall upon the opposite side of the rings where there is a plaque engraved with an analemma and associated monthly and day marks along the curve. This assembly is an analemmic alidade, allowing the user to align the spot of sun to an offset along the analemma curve of date that adjusting the sundial for the equation of time and longitude off time zone meridian. Civil time is read on the equatorial ring from a marker located on a fixed meridian. Knowing the month and approximate day, the dial can be read to the nearest minute.

    The black and white photo of the dial shows the original 1955 dial atop a brick platform with capstone. When the dial was moved to be near the Schneider bench it now sits on a stone platform with capstone and is the focus of the plaza seating area.

    A duplicate of the armillary with the P&G type analemma correction is believed to be located on the former Kroger estate in suburban Cincinnati.
General Information:Inscription:
  • Owner: University of Cincinnati
  • (pedestal)
    Engineering Alumni Association

    There is time for those who pass.
    Presented by the Class of 1955
  • Designer: Ronald E. Rosensweig
  • Builder: Rief Manufacturing Co., Cincinnati, OH
  • Construction Date: built in 1955, restored in 1970 and 2001
References: Web Links:
  • Cooperative Engineer, Oct 1956, article by R. E. Rosensweig, Cincinnati Alumnus, October 1970, "Return of the Sun Clock -- A Timely Return -- How the UC's Sun-Clock Got Back on its Pedestal" in A History of the The First Cooperative College, October 1970

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