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Colorado Springs  

Sundial: 500
State/Province:  Colorado Country:  USA
Dial Type:  Horizontal Dial Condition:  Poor
  Latitude:   38° 54.000' N Longitude: 104° 49.000' W
  • Monument Valley Park, east side of Glen Street, approximately 150 meters south of Uintah St. Near I-25
  • An old horizontal dial approx 60 cm diameter. From 1914-1967 was located at Marksheffel Garage, relocated to Monument Valley Park in 1967. The builder may have been van Briggle Pottery, but its history is more complex: The angles of the hour lines are consistent with a latitude of 43.9° (roughly) but the present location is 38.9°. A gnomon (probably not original) was cut for 34° lat, but has now been corrected. Likewise, the whole dial had to be rotated to true north, being off by some 47°. Hour lines have eroded, and those before 6am and after 6pm radiate from the wrong side of the gnomon. The city has spent a considerable amount of money cleaning up the area, removing the shrubs that blocked sunlight and building a nice brick wall with flowerbeds, so the area looks better, but the dial is worse than ever, with vandals bending the gnomon.
General Information:Inscription:
  • Owner: City of Colorado Springs
  • Inscription: TIME MAKES LOVE GO, LOVE MAKES TIME GO. Inscribed around base, metal markings, in good condition
  • Designer: Probably Nicholas van der Arend
  • Builder: Probably van Briggle Pottery
  • Construction Date: 1914
  • Rregistered with the Smithsonian Institution.