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St. Louis  

Sundial: 889
State/Province:  Missouri Country:  USA
Dial Type:  Horizontal Dial Condition:  Restored
  Latitude and Longitude: 38° 38.271' N  90° 18.694' W
  • Concordia Seminary,
    801 Seminary Place
    St. Louis MO 63105

    Dial is located adjacent to the bookstore, with visitor parking nearby. Open to the public.
  • Sitting on a classic sundial pedestal is the Concordia sundial made of thin bronze plate in the shape of a hexagon about 8 inches between opposing sides. Hour lines radiate from where a thick gnomon would have stood, with Arabic numbers from 4am to 8pm counting the hours. The gnomon had gone missing in 2009 when the dial was vandalized. A new gnomon fitting the position of the old was designed by Don Snyder of St. Louis and made of bronze plate by William Turner of Turner & Associates, a metalworker also of St. Louis.
General Information:Inscription:
  • Owner: Concordia Seminary
    Plaque: ANDREW CIHAJ
    January 2, 1913- May 16, 1937
    A Memorial Given by his Class
    The Class of 1937
  • Designer: Gnomon design Don Snyder
  • Builder: Gnomon made by Turner & Associates
  • Construction Date: Dial: 1937 Refurbished: Dec 19, 2017
  • St. Louis Sundial Trail

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