Sundials - World's Oldest Clocks

North American Sundial Society


For over 15 years NASS has been documenting significant sundials in North America.  From the Dominican Republic to Alaska we photograph and record interesting sundials.  We emphasize "public dials" that can be viewed by all.  Some are in parks, some on buildings or street corners.  But they all have interesting features.  Some have fascinating stories.  Discover the nearly lost sundial of Thomas Jefferson in St. Louis, MO or the stone alignments in Amherst, MA and Burlington, VT. 

All of these dials are available as part of the nearly 700 sundials incorporated into the North American Sundial Society Registry.  We encourge you to submit new sundials to the registry and to improve the existing registry by photos and current description of these dials. See the top menu tab "Dial Registry".