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Selected Sundials of Delaware

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Greenville Delaware USA Equatorial Dial 530
A 15-inch cast aluminum equatorial sundial designed and built by Richard Schmoyer originally installed in 1972 and replaced in 1985 after theft. A three-dimensional analemmic gnomon corrects for Equation of Time. The observatory is open to the public every weekday morning.
Rehoboth Beach Delaware USA Horizontal Dial 321
Bronze horizontal dial. The sundial was recently restored in 1999, and is set on a capstan from a sailing ship. The sundial sits in a garden originally planted in the 1930's as part of the Homestead House located on a 3 1/2 acre site of the Rehoboth Art League. The League was founded in 1938.
Wilmington Delaware USA Vertical Dial 320
A round limestone vertical dial about 3 feet in diameter with bronze gnomon. Hours are bronze Roman numerals. No hour lines drawn. The dial is set on the side of a beautiful stone tower. According to a plaque at the tower's base, in 1895 Theodore Leissen recommended a large pavilion and observatory be built on the city's highest hill. At the same time the Water Commission needed a water tower. The plans were merged, resulting in a combine stone water tower 115 feet tall holding half a million gallons and a roofed observatory platform. The dial is on the side of this Rockford Tower.
Wilmington Delaware USA Vertical Dial 609
An 18 x 24 inch cast bronze vertical dial offset from supporting wall by 6.25° to align south. Dial face has hour lines with Arabic numerals and depicts a leaf motif with sun and sun rays and two birds.