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Selected Sundials of Louisiana

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Lafayette Louisiana USA Analemmatic Dial 508
An analemmatic dial about 15 x 20 feet of concrete raised slightly above the surrounding school yard. Edged in brick. The center line is brick inset with dates to each side. The hours are marked for both Central and Daylight time. Large cardinal points are at the edge of the dial. The dial is rugged yet fits with the modern design of the school.
New Orleans Louisiana USA Equatorial Dial 273
Approximately 14 foot bronze sun dial consisting of a flat semi-circular shape sitting atop a low dome shape. At the bottom of the semi-circle on either side are two curved arms topped by a thin metal bar that crosses the semi-circle and rests on its top edge. The shadow cast by the bar on the plate gives the time of day.
New Orleans Louisiana USA Horizontal Dial 237
17.5' w Concrete, bronze, stainless steel ca 8' h Pink oval concrete base with imprints of animal footprints.
Shreveport Louisiana USA Horizontal Dial 138
Stone Dial vandalized. Gnomon missing, apparently knocked off with some damage to horizontal dial plate. Dial bears Roman numerals, from IV to VIII.
St. Francesville Louisiana USA Horizontal Dial 394
A small 9 inch diameter brass horizontal dial sits on top of a cast iron pedestal. The dial face is worn, but readable with Roman numerals and 5-minute graduations. The dial plate is rotated about 40 degrees east of North. To the south of the gnomon is a 2 1/2 inch diameter mirror with unknown use. On left and right of the gnomon is scroll engraving of the equation of time. The dial sits on a 3 foot cast iron pedestal, painted adobe-red. A matching adobe-red dome cap with 8 sides covers the dial. Cap has an acorn handle lift.