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Selected Sundials of New Hampshire

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Concord New Hampshire USA Horizontal Dial 300
A 16 inch diameter cast bronze horizontal dial with 7 inch high cast and machined bronze gnomon. Dial face shows hour, half-hour and quarter-hour lines and Roman hour numerals 5 AM to 7 PM. The hour lines are corrected for longitude but no EOT correction is shown. Raised text on dial face inscribes, "For God and Country to Honor Our Fathers The Grand Army of The Republic Originally Dedicated April 9, 1942 We Live In Deeds, Not Years" The dial sits atop a 38 inch high pedestal of Barre granite with a polished column and "hammered" top and base. The dial was originally placed and dedicated in this location by The Grand Army of The Republic (GAR) on April 9, 1942, the anniversary of the surrender of Gen. Robert E. Lee. The cast dial is a reproduction of what is known of the original lost during the 2000-2010 period. The replacement dial was dedicated November 19, 2013, the 150th anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln's 1983 Gettysburg Address by Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, the legal heir to the GAR. Unfortunately, a prank broke off the top part of the pedestal shortly before installation of the reproduction dial and the repair misaligned the top, causing the dial to be incorrectly aligned to true north. There is hope this misalignment will be corrected in the summer of 2014 when weather better permits.
Hanover New Hampshire USA Vertical Dial 636
A vertical dial of wood on the side of the Shattuck Observatory at Dartmouth College. The public can walk up the hill to the observatory to view the dial.
Isles of Shoals New Hampshire USA Armillary Dial 97
Simple armillary dial about 2 feet in diameter sits on a triangular cut stone pedestal. The equatorial band has raised Arabic numbers at each hour. The hours are adjusted by 42 minutes to correct for zone time. The gnomon is an arrow rod of traditional fashion. The base supporting the armillary is a small hemisphere globe, with a map of the continents plainly visible. The armillary cuts the globe at the Greenwich hour line facing due north. The triangular granite stone pedestal was once part of the Captain John Smith Monument, commemorating him as the discoverer of the Isles of Shoals in 1610.
Portsmouth New Hampshire USA Horizontal Dial 130
Octagonal, approx 6 in. on a side Brass/Bronze Center compass rose, 4AM-8PM in Roman numerals. Standard stone pedestal. Probably not the original, as it is oversize for the dial plate.