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Selected Sundials of South Carolina

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Barnwell South Carolina USA Vertical Dial 112
A cast Iron vertical dial approximately 30x40 inches.
Charleston South Carolina USA Vertical Recliner Dial 361
A 20 foot stone monument with a 2 foot diameter vertical recliner dial. See the NASS Compendium Vol.6 No. 1 Dec 1998. The platform in the base includes stones from the thirty-eight home states of those lost. Imbedded in the in the platform is a bronze arrow, pointing to the unmarked grave in the Atlantic.
Charleston South Carolina USA Horizontal Dial 718
A weathered 10 by 15 inch oval marble horizontal dial with bronze gnomon. Dial face has hour lines with Roman numerals showing standard time. Dial sits atop a concrete pedestal with two steps at base. Pedestal has insets on faces, one of which carries a marble plaque with barely readable inscription.
Chesterfield South Carolina USA Armillary Dial 274
ca 20' Bronze Spherical bronze sundial consisting of three intersecting circles supporting an arrow shaped gnomon. Open mouthed gargoyles surround the column's highly carved capital atop a white octagonal column 33 inches high.
Murrells Inlet South Carolina USA Dial 283
Bronze 10 ft sundial, titled "Time and the Fates of Man." (Copy of one with the same title in the Smithsonian?)
Murrells Inlet South Carolina USA Sculpture Dial 303
ca 30x20 inches Bronze Figure of nude male child Other dials by Brenda Putnam: Sea Horse Sundial (unlocated)