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[photo credit: Steve Bisson -
Savannah Morning News ]

Lesley Conn reports in the Savannah Morning News the restoration of its vandalized sundial.  This is no college prank, but a malicious and repetitive attack on the Louis B. Toomer sundial in Chatham Square in the historic district of Savannah, Georgia. Conn reports that “City officials are adding new elements to the repair process – a public plea for help and a reminder to the monument marauder that destruction of public property is a felony. They made their case Tuesday after sealing a new sundial to the stone base.”

The 8 inch diameter sundial has a face of bronze with Roman numeral hours delineated every 15 minutes and delicately shaped brass gnomon.  It sits atop a concrete pedestal with indented lettering stating “In Memory of Louis Burke Toomer, Registrar of U.S. Treasury, 1953-1956, Founder and President of Carver State Bank, 1927-1961”. ...”   If the vandalism is a demonstration of “occupy wall street” it is very misplaced.  City conservation coordinator Larry Fagley says “We’ve welded it, we’ve drilled holes in it to shoot more epoxy into it, and within a week, they’ve kicked it off…”

See the video from WJCJ Savannah to “increase public awareness … of our monuments that are subject to vandalism.”

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