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Pyramid of El Pueblito, Corregidora,Mexico
photo by Ruben Nohuitol

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Want to know what's in The CompendiumTake a look at sample issues and see the convergence of history, art, and mathematics. Annual membership in the North American Sundial Society includes four issues of The Compendium, available in print, CD-R discs, or down-loadable digital editions. Since June 2010, the print edition comes in full color, while the CD-R and digital editions not only come in digital color, but from time to time offer software features and other bonus material not available in print.

The Digital Compendium is available in PDF format by Internet download or on a CD-R disc sent via postal mail.  PDF documents can be read using Adobe Reader or other PDF applications such as PDF Complete.  NASS membership and subscription can be made for one or two years, now using worldwide rates.

New Format of The Compendium

In recent years, The Compendium has been a Letter size (8.5” x 11”), 40-page journal with stapled binding.  Beginning with our March 2021 ssue, it has a new format. In print form, The Compendium will be sent as a US Trade size (6” x 9”) paperback book averaging 78-80 (acid-free paper) pages each quarter.  It will have slightly larger print and separation of lines of text. The new page size will also allow the digital edition to be more easily display as a full page (or pair of pages) on most computer screens without scrolling.

The digital edition on disk will be mailed on a CD-R disk if "CD" is selected below. The electronic digital download edition will be available from this website. Notification of the availability of the download version and how to access it will be sent by email.

The digital edition requires a pdf reader or comparable software. Mac users can access the issues (primarily pdf files) but may not be able to use the digital bonus items which are generally made for Windows PC devices.

Membership Rates

Our members outside of North America have paid an additional charge for shipping the print edition. With our new format and printer, The Compendium will actually be printed at different locations around the world, with a general reduction in cost of shipping. As of the biginning of 2021 NASS has moved to a single worldwide membership fee structure. Whether you subscribe to the Print, CD or Download edition, the US Dollar cost of membership will not depend on where you live. And that cost will be the same as North American members currently pay.

Rates 2021


If you are a member living outside North America and receiving either the print or CD edition, your current subscription will be automatically extended. If your current subscription runs through June 2021, it will be extended for 1 additional issue at no cost. If your current subscription runs through June 2022, it will be extended for 2 additional issues at no cost.


Payment can be made by check from a US Bank or credit card using PayPal...No need to have a PayPal account.  Because of the world-wide single rate, we have discontinued the option of paying in British Pounds. 

PayPal CreditCard ExampleTo use PayPal, you will be required to provide Name, Address, and Email.  We also request your approximate latitude and phone number

To use PayPal, go to either

1-year membership 4 issues of the compendium


2 year membership 8-issues of the compendium

If you select 1 or 2 year membership you will be directed to our NASS Shop to select the type of Compendium (download, CD, print or combination) you want.  ADD TO CART and complete the form filling out your name, address, email, latitude and telephone number.  Finish. You will get a PAYPAL screen ... make sure that you use the Pay with a credit or Visa Debit Card.

For downloads, you will receive an email providing instructions for downloading The Compendium.

If you chose not to use PayPal, download the attached Subscription Form below to pay by check from a US Bank.


Updated 10 Nov 2021
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