NASS Publications

The North American Sundial Society makes available a treasure trove of dialing material. Need a back issue or the Cyclopaedic Diallist? Then The Repository is for you.  How about the earliest books on sundial construction with authos such as Foster, Ozanam, and others?  Then you need the collection of The Shadow Catchers.  And if Analemmatic (Human) Sundials strikes your fancy, you can read about its history from de Vaulezard , Foster, de Lalande and a host of others as well as modern developments by Vinck, Massé, de Vries, Sawyer, and others ... all contained in The Analemmatic Source Book.

Sundials and Astrolabes

The North American Sundial Society offers 3D printed sundials tailored to your latitude and a working Astrolabe in the tradition of Chaucer based on his manuscript of 1390.  The sundials are modern and include the Schmoyer Sunquest Sundial, designed by Richard Schmoyer in the late 1950's that shows civil time.  The Polar Envelope Sundial designed by Fred Sawyer of the NASS likewise tells civil time.  This is one of the most unusual sundial you'll ever see.