The North American Sundial Society makes available a treasure trove of dialing material. Need a back issue or the Cyclopaedic Diallist? Then The Repository is for you.  How about the earliest books on sundial construction with authos such as Foster, Ozanam, and others?  Then you need the collection of The Shadow Catchers.  And if Analemmatic (Human) Sundials strikes your fancy, you can read about its history from de Vaulezard , Foster, de Lalande and a host of others as well as modern developments by Vinck, Massé, de Vries, Sawyer, and others ... all contained in The Analemmatic Source Book.

The Analemmatic Sundial Source Book - Download

The Analemmatic Sundial SourceBook provides a rich historical and mathematical account of the Analemmatic Sundial and its modern derivatives.  Compiled and Edited by Frederick W. Sawyer III.  First Published 2004. Revised and Updated 2020.  Now available as a PDF download from the North American Sundial Socierty.  Includes a Historical Overview, and articles from both the Historical Period and Modern Era with a surprising set of sundials.  Full bibliography included. 17.6 MB.  Click on Product Details for a full description of content.

The Repository - DVD

The North American Sundial Society makes available a treasure trove of dialing material on a single DVD, including The Compendium back issues from the first 27 years of NASS. Don't miss out on this unique and useful collection of dialing information on DVD (nearly 800 MB) for only $30 USD, including shipping.  You will receive a confirmation that your DVD has shipped by email.Click on Product Details to find what else is in The Repository.

Shadow Catchers - Complete Series - Download

The complete series of the Shadow Catchers download is available as a collection of PDFs, drawings, and illustrative artwork, providing a series of reprints of rare works on sundialing.  Eight historical books are in this collection, with the earliest of Foster's Art of Dialling (1638).  256 MB Download. Click on Product Details to find the rich content of this Shadow Catchers Series.