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Sundial: 359
State/Province:  Ontario Country:  Canada
Dial Type:  Terra Globe Condition:  Excellent
  Latitude:   46° 28' 12.00" N Longitude: 80° 59' 45.70" W
  • Science North, 100 Chemin Ramsey Lake Road
  • A monumental dial in stainless steel. At one end of 'Polaris Boulevard' which includes Terra, a segment of the globe oriented with Sudbury directly at the top. Celeste is a giant (12.8 meter or 42-foot) stainless steel sundial located at the south end of Polaris Boulevard. It consists of two arches, one which represents the equator in the sky, and one which represents the meridian, or the line from the North Pole to South Pole. A large steel pipe makes up the gnomon of the sundial.
General Information:
  • Owner:
  • Designer: Tom Semadeni
  • Builder:
  • Construction Date: Spring 1994
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