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Sundial Artisans
NASS presents Sundial Artisans that make exceptional sundials, both large and small.  Some artisans specialize in public and monumental dials.  Others tailor dials for your site, whether that be a building plaza or your own back yard.

Accurate Sundials

Accurate Sundials, LLC has been creating accurate, custom-designed sundials since 1979. Dave Kriener, President of Accurate Sundials states that "the knowledge we have gained in our 26 years of research, along with expert support in computer aided design and machine shop technology, has resulted in the attractive offering of solid brass, aluminum, copper and granite sundials you will find on our product pages. We also offer build-it-yourself site-specific layouts and directions for educational experience and project enjoyment. We have sold sundials and plans/plots in almost all states in the United States and several foreign countries. One of our sundials is on display on the grounds of the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C



Adzema Sculptures and Sundials

Robert Adzema is best know for his large sundial scluptures and as co-author of The Great Sundial Cutout Book.  As he describes, "My sundials are abstract sculputres that measure the apparent motion of the sun throughout the day, the seasons and even the year. These mostly large, public works are carefully laid out, accurate both mathematically and geometrically, cast or fabricated in bronze, steel or stone and permanently set for their exact location.  They are about sunlight and shadow."  Visit his site for a sampling of his sundials, sculptures, and paintings.



Alvin Sher Sculptor

Alvin Sher is a sculptor from Connecticut who has "created sculptures using imaginary architectural elements for twenty-five years. The sculptures have dealt with mythic and scientific issues, using architectural forms as a vehicle. The subjects of the works range from temples and labyrinths to observatories and sundials; they are all metaphors for human curiosity and searching."  His stainless steel sculptures such as "Primum Mobile" illustrated here is beautiful, but not quite a sundial, or at least a useful sundial for the latitude of placement.  His works are so close to being wonderful time-telling objects.



Analemmic Sundials

Pete Swanstrom specializes in equatorial dials that use an analemmic gnomon to correct for the equation of time.  This creates a sundial that tells accurate clock time.  Swanstrom explains, "the image at left is the original artwork model I completed for a 34"w x 26"h x 24"d Bronze Garden Sundial, similar in design to my park sundial sculpture. I made it out of a combination of materials, primarily wood for rigidity, but also clay, and laser-engraved plastic for all detailed markings. I call this sundial the New Millennium Sundial because its analemmic gnomon has been optimized to achieve maximum date and time accuracy later this century. It ...will indicate the time to within less than a minute, the date to within the day, and adjusts for Daylight Saving Time!"



ANCR Sundials

Chet Roberts of Ohio makes horizontal sundials specifically for your location from cast aluminum.  He designs the dials using computer aided drawing (CAD), and personalizes them with the inscription and background silhouette of your choice.  Dials weigh about 3 pounds and are 10 inches in diameter.  Please check his website for current pricing.  You receive the dial plate and dial gnomon, which are easily assembled into your personalized sundial.


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