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Posted: Sunday, 13 March 2011 21:33

This site would not be possible without the following innovative software creations from folks around the work.  To all,

Thank You.
  • Joomla!The free, open-source content management system (CMS) and application framework. We've chosen to use the Joomla 1.5 version because of the wide community support.  This vibrant volunteer and commercial community makes this NASS Sundial website possible. 
  • Akeeba Backup is legendary and provides free administrative core tools for backup and restoration created by Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos. Many of us go back to the Amiga computer and "Kickstart" to boot up our system, and Akeeba provides a bootstrap way of quickly restoring backup files for site restoration..
  • Djf Access Control Level by David Frassi allows creating and managing new user groups for Joomla 1.5. The administration of user groups allows this NASS site to manage subscribers to the digital Compendium for download.  An additional "plugin" was designed by R.L. Kellogg to work with Frassi's DjF Access Control Level components to support the Digital Compendium to NASS subscribers.
  • Attachments is a component by Jonathan Cameron to attach pdf and other content to articles. The component and all plugins are installed in a single, easy step.  This provides download material management to our members and the public.
  • Image Slide Show written by Briakiss is both simple and effective. Nothing fancy, but it does exactly the job required of rotating images on the Front Page. The company is primarily a website design company.  They have a nice, free product.
  • JCE is an efficient content editor for Joomla with many office-like functions that makes formatting simple.  Toggles between text and html views, allowing control over the text and image presentations. The editor component, modules and plugins are released free under the GNU license.
  • JoomD is a simple catalog program that forms the basis for our website links another features. It is simple to configure.  For this website, NASS  did considerable tailoring of the presentation view template to create the Sundial Registry.
  • RSForm! is a free component that allows the simple creation of forms for submission. For advanced developers, it allows addition html editing that NASS took advantage of.   It allows public sundial submission with both security (through integrated "captcha" software) and convenience (with an upload image manager).
  • SigPlus Image Gallery by Levente Hunyadi provides a balance between simplicity and the ability to offer detailed sundial images... hundreds of them. SigPlus offers an impressive set of feature, including automatic thumbnail and gallery preview image creation. Images in a gallery folder can be displayed in fixed or flow layout, on a slider or carousel/rotator, or can blend using a fancy transition effect.  Great software.
  • swMenuPro from Sean White offers a free menu module that is incredible for its flexibility. It is an efficient menu management system for Joomla 1.5. The commercial version, swMenuPro has even more features. Great software.
  • AllVideosprovides a simple but very effective means of allowing NASS to incorporate a video server.  Video of sundials is now a very important graphic medium.Thanks to all
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