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This is an on-line submission form for entering or updating sundials of significance in North America.

Your information will be sent to the NASS Registrar, NASS Registrar Robert Kellogg. The fields given with red asterisks (*) are required for all submissions. If this is a new dial submission, please fill out as many fields as you can. If this is an update to a dial already existing in the Register, please be sure to fill out the Dial Number field in addition to your new information.
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In the following entry blocks, please provide information about the sundial. It is important to have accurate information. Please double check your entries before clicking on the submit button at the bottom. Thank you.

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Browse and Upload Sundial Photo (less than 7 MB)
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Before clicking the SUBMIT button, examine the "captcha" image block below. Carefully copy the BLACK letters and numbers into the entry block at left. Make sure to match UPPER and LOWER case letters...the difference is important.IF YOU CANNOT DISTINGUISH THE "CAPTCHA" LETTERS AND NUMBERS< CLICK THE CIRCULAR ARROWS AT RIGHT TO DISPLAY ANOUTHER SET OF LETTERS. Once you have entered the "captcha" letters and you have double checked your sundial entry information, click on SUBMIT.


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