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Sundial Software
Software helps make sundials in many ways: There are programs to help design sundials, programs to determine the position of the sun and compute the equation of time among the many inventive programs that are available.  Try one out that meets your needs.


Want to know the exact time of sunrise in 2000? Or Carl Lehrburger's account of an equinox site with a noon hour sundagger formed by fallen rock? Then this site is for you. Uncommon information is provided such as "Old Celtic calendars observed Cross Quarters, approximately midway between each pair of adjacent Equinox and Solstice days. Unlike modern calendars that define the start of a season on a Solstice or Equinox, the Celts perceived Solstices and Equinoxes as events occurring mid-season, with the seasons actually beginning and ending on the Cross Quarters." Interesting bibliography on ancient American petroglyphs and alignments.



Atmospheric Refraction

Ever wonder how atmospheric refraction affects the position of the sun?  Especially at sunrise and sunset.  This website by Victor Reijs presents a very technical view of atmospheric refraction with empirical as well as formulas for the position of the sun at rise and set.  Extensive links to other sites on atmospheric refraction.



Azimuth and Elevation of the Sun

Here is Dr. Daniel Roth’s simple Azimut und Elevation der Sonne calculator based on equations from Pfeger’s Astronomy with the Personal Computer. Simple to use. There are other programs as well, including a calendar for any year, and the date of Easter.,aziele.html



Czech Sundial Calculator

Need help with sundial design? Miroslav Broz’s Czech Republic site provides a wonderful collection of calculators for sun position, equation of time, and the calculator software itself. You can design horizontal and vertical dials, equatorial dials and more. Miroslav provides a beautiful catalog of Czech Republic sundials designed with his software.  Enjoy the art of designing.



Daylight World Map

This program by Steven Pugh is an apple to show which parts of the globe are in daylight and which are in darkness. The position of the sun (projected on to the Earth) is shown as a yellow circle. Various locations around the world can be selected, and the date and time can be changed. For the currently selected location and the current date and time, information such as the number of daylight hours and sunrise/sunset times are shown in a panel on the right-hand side.  A plane or topographic map can be selected.


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