[photo credit: Andrew Bray - The Miami Sudent News]

Some dials are lost, others found.  Last year students walking through the central quad of Miami University  located in Oxford, Ohio, saw that the Tri Delta Sundial, a nearly 2 meter armillary dial, was missing.  The armillary was a gift to the university on its 50th anniversary in 1962 by the Miami chapter of Tri Delta. [See the NASS Registry for details]

The dial was stolen in May, 2010 just before graduation.  In an article from the Miami Student News Cody Powell, assistant VP of operations for physical facilities said, “It is one of the coolest features on campus…. There were a lot of students hoping to have their pictures taken by the sundial, but it wasn’t available.”

Apparently the dial was removed by a Miami University student with help of several other people.  The dial was loosened and when they attempted to grab it, the dial toppled off the pedestal.  They then took the damaged dial and ran.

The accused have gone to court and the dial has been returned.  “Ultimately, the individual who did the damage did cover the cost of the majority of the repair,” said Powell.  The dial was restored to its place of distinction on top of its marble pedestal in the quad ... at a cost of $28,000.  The students have tweated in delight. Read more at: