Accurate Sundials
Accurate Sundials, LLC has been creating accurate, custom-designed sundials since 1979. Dave Kriener, President of Accurate Sundials states that "the knowledge we have gained in our 26 years of research, along with expert support in computer aided design and machine shop technology, has resulted in the attractive offering of solid brass, aluminum, copper and granite sundials you will find on our product pages. We also offer build-it-yourself site-specific layouts and directions for educational experience and project enjoyment. We have sold sundials and plans/plots in almost all states in the United States and several foreign countries. One of our sundials is on display on the grounds of the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C
Adzema Sculptures and Sundials
Robert Adzema is best know for his large sundial scluptures and as co-author of The Great Sundial Cutout Book. As he describes, "My sundials are abstract sculptures that measure the apparent motion of the sun throughout the day, the seasons and even the year. These mostly large, public works are carefully laid out, accurate both mathematically and geometrically, cast or fabricated in bronze, steel or stone and permanently set for their exact location. They are about sunlight and shadow." Visit his site for a sampling of his sundials, sculptures, and paintings.
Altazimuth Arts
Altazimuth Arts, an enterprise established by Sara Schechner, well-know historian of science who is curator of Harvard's Collection of Historic Scientific Instruments. Schechner is also active in the Studio Art Quilt Associates, Quilters' Connection of Watertown MA, and member of Quinobeguin Quilters guild. As she explains, "Recent quilts are inspired by history and the night sky, the built environment wet within nature, and by the many-faceted meanings of tangible things."
Analemmic Sundials
Pete Swanstrom specializes in equatorial dials that use an analemmic gnomon to correct for the equation of time, creating a sundial that tells accurate clock time and date. He explains, “With their futuristic swept-elliptical body style and an analemmic gnomon designed to achieve maximum date and time accuracy in 2050AD, I call these ‘New Millennium’ sundials.” The New Millennium sundial at left is a 6' stainless steel sculpture placed at the Herrett Center for Arts and Science, Observatory and Planetarium at the College of Southern Idaho. It indicates the time to within less than a minute, the date to the day, and even adjusts for Daylight Saving Time! These beautiful, robust, highly accurate sundial sculptures are an ideal addition to college and university campuses, STEM centers, museums, observatories, planetariums and public parks.
ANCR Sundials
Chet Roberts of Ohio makes horizontal sundials specifically for your location from cast aluminum. He designs the dials using computer aided drawing (CAD), and personalizes them with the inscription and background silhouette of your choice. Dials weigh about 3 pounds and are 10 inches in diameter. Please check his website for current pricing. You receive the dial plate and dial gnomon, which are easily assembled into your personalized sundial.
Artisan Industrials - Spectra Sundial
Artisan Industrials touches the world from a small but well equipped studio and workshop near Cincinnati Ohio USA. Artisan Industrials, formed by Jim Tallman, started with custom projects for private individuals and institutional clients. In 2002 Artisan Industrials introduced a new signature sundial designed by Jim Tallman, the beautiful glass "Spectra Sundial." All Spectra Sundials are individually handmade to the desired latitude, resulting in a personalized dial for "the person who has everything." These dials have been used by NASS as the trophy sundial for the Sawyer Dialing Prize. Over the years Artisan has shipped hundreds of custom Spectra sundials all over the world, earning the distinction that the sun never sets on the Spectra Sundial.
This commercial site sells elegant astrolabes, desktop armillary spheres, and globes. Their statement is: "We are selling globes for 100 years, and we do it well." The astrolabes are lacquered metal or brass. Their globes include several varieties of day/night globes and a moon globe.
Brad Dillon Armillary
Brad Dillon is one of UKs leading craftsmen and sundialists, designing and manufacturing armillary spheres in bronze or stainless steel at his studio in rural Cornwall. These beautiful instruments are made to high standards and are elegant timekeeping devices that will serve as the focal point of a well crafted garden or sunny space. These sentinel timekeepers will serve for generations to come.
Carmichael Sundial Sculptures
John Carmichael, award-winning American sundial designer and sundial maker, crafts exquisite accurate sundials of many types, shapes, sizes and materials. He also designs large public monumental sundials for people who want to make their own. His sundials show the precise time, date and other scientific functions if desired. The horizontal and analemmatic stone sundials are precision garden sundials for placement on a pedestal. These beautiful solar clocks are made from hand-carved stone with inlaid brass, stained glass, porcelain, or are even painted on walls. Intricate custom artwork is available. Working closely with each client, often by email, all sundials are custom-made to order using the sundial's location and each customer's particular tastes and requirements. The Sundial Owner's Manual and instructions are included. Expert packing and international shipping is available.
David Brown Sundials
David Brown has been making sundials since the early 1990s. A lifelong interest in astronomy and navigation coalesced into a passion for sundial making. Since retiring as Head of Physics at Kingswood School, Bath UK, he has been able spend more time perfecting the craft of letter cutting and the art and science of designing sundials. David specializes in large installations like those he has created for Darwin College, Penshurst Place, the National Trust at Piles Mill, and Christ Church, Oxford. He was a founder member of the British Sundial Society and has won awards for his sundials.
Helioscape Sundials
Helioscape Sundials are named Hathajori, Buttercup, Tulip and Mimosa. With their thin stem support and vividly colored dial plate, each one identifies with a heliotrope, a flower that follows the sun. Dial plate hour lines encode traditional solar time while inscribed circles express the sun's declination and date when a local flower might bud in spring. Inscribed diamonds express the sun's declination and date when a resident leaf might turn bright yellow in fall. In a world where civil time is set by buzzing cesium atom clocks, the Heliotropes remind us of a natural world where time is set by evolved genetic encoding of the cycles of the sun. For those of us on cesium atom time it’s a matter of getting to the next appointment on time; for plants on solar circadian time, it’s a matter of life or death.
Kate Pond Sculptor and Sundialist
Kate Pond is a sculptor with workshop in Burlington, Vermont, "Corten steel is my material of choice. It rusts to a deep dark patina and light creates subtle changes in the soft velvety surface. Stainless steel is more dramatic and I finish the surfaces with signature swirls that reflect light in many directions. Concrete and stone boulders work well to mark the hours in large public sundials." Her latest work, illustrated here is "Come Light Visit Me," and perhaps her most well known, The World Sculpture Project with sundials in Japan, new Zealand, Norway and Hawaii is not finished. Each of the sculptures has a time capsule containing artwork from children from each site. The capsules will be opened in a ceremony in 2015.
Macmillan Hunter Sundials
Alastair Hunter is an artist and engineer working in Edinburgh, Scotland. His Macmillan Hunter range of sundials includes simple yet beautiful dials for measuring the hours and reading the seasons. The sundials are strikingly modern. Alastair works mainly in metal - stainless steel is wonderful for reflecting color from its surroundings; brass is beautifully versatile and can be given a patina in color tints and shades; bronze has a lovely luster which darkens and weathers naturally. A Macmillan Hunter sundial is both a precision instrument and a work of contemporary sculpture.
Master Terebrus
Master Terebrus is a project established by an Ukrainian architect to create replicas of historical sundials, navigation instruments and other scientific instruments of brass and other materials for authentic recreations. Vsevolod, the founder of the project, has a degree in geometry and a passion for the reconstruction of scientific instruments, who takes inspiration from originals in museums all over the world. He combines the original style of the instruments with usability, creating beautiful astrolabes, quadrants and sundials, all adapted to the modern calendar and star positions. He sells on a variety of outlets, including and attempts to maintain his blog with new instruments and fresh interpretations at He has excellent ratings, working with his customers to insure they are satisfied with his instruments, and provides detailed instructions on how to use them.
Piers Nicholson Sundials
Piers creates contemporary sundials to commemorate important events for people, businesses, and communities. Each sundial is engineered to precise tolerances, making the dial to your exact latitude. The dials are made from marine-grade 10 mm stainless steel, so they are very durable, and will resist damage and weathering. The dials are designed for easy set up and plinths are also available. Cost of the dial includes engraving for motto, message, or scientific data such as the equation of time. The website provides step by step ordering instructions. Delivery is normally 4-6 weeks.
Rafe Ropek Public Artist
Rafe Ropek has been a Public Artist for the past 20 years working from Ft. Collins, Colorado. His work is nation wide and his projects range from free standing sculpture to functional art such as benches, railings, transportation projects and sundials. Illustrated is an intriguing sundial entitled “Sun Shell”. This project combines a sundial and a band shell that can accommodate 30 or more people within the area. The gnomon is replaced with a circle that allows a beam of sunlight to mark the time on the ground. The work uses stainless steel bands supported on a colored concrete base inlaid with hour marks that extend from winter to summer solstice. Rafe Ropek designed and fabricated this work in 2004 for Aurora, Colorado.
Sundial Artist David Harber
David Harber is an artist. His inspiration is the marking of time. He began making contemporary and traditional sundials in 1992 and has expanded in recent years to include contemporary garden sculpture and water features. He works with a small team of craftspeople and engineers in the countryside 40 miles west of London, England.
Wenger Globe Sundials
Daniel L. Wenger Designs creates beautiful laser etched glass globes, where the outline of the continents and larger islands of the world.are scribed, along with the analemma at hour lines of the day. The user places a pointer (or a finger) on the globe and moves it until the shadow of the tip of the pointer falls upon the pointer at the center of the globe. The pointer is at a spot directly below the sun, and time can be read from the longitude hour lines. Thomas Jefferson would have enjoyed this dial, akin to the one he designed two centuries earlier, but the modern one is of glass. These dials are custom made for the user’s location and oriented so that the user's location appears at the top. The latitude and longitude of the location where the dial will be used determines where on the globe the scribe lines are placed.
YU Sundials
YU Sundials is a website dedicated to sundials on the territory of the former Yugoslavia. But Dr. Milutin Tadić, the creator of the website, is both a Geology Professor and an elegant sundialist with many beautiful vertical dials designed for buildings around the world. "I design and make all types of sundials, and I will be glad to make on for you. Please contact me to discuss your unique sundial project."